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                Welcome to visit the website of Ningbo Dingbang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., rotomolding manufacturer | rotomolding mold manufacturer!

                Mold custom factory choice is not cautiousThe problems are endless, and the cost of secondary mold opening increases!

                Product quality is differentUneven feeding, different thickness,Product quality is different ?

                Use less frequentlyInsufficient mold strength,
                easy deformation and cracking,Use less frequently?

                Increased maintenance costsFrequent repairs such as cracks,Increased maintenance costs ?

                High labor costsThere is no follow-up service in the mold factory, repeated debuggingHigh labor costs ?

                Customer word of mouth is also easy to loseUnable to guarantee product quality,Customer word of mouth is also easy to lose?

                ProductsFrom the inside out, the mold quality is visually visible

                  Customer Hotline

                138 5829 1467

                About us

                Ningbo Dingbang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

                Ningbo Dingbang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years of experience in design and manufacturing, and is committed to providing electroplating equipment and electroplating molds and their corresponding accessories. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we can meet your efficiency and cost performance requirements. At present, the company mainly produces all kinds of rotomolding molds, rotomolding products OEM processing and production, the products are widely used in military, environmental protection, medical, transportation, amusement, machinery, horticulture, agriculture, engineering and other industries, the company has a design team, management Personnel and responsible technical staff. Over the years, the company has always adhered to science and technology as the guide, innovation as the driving force, continuous research and development investment, and achieved results. 

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                • Our Mission

                  Always aiming at customer requirements and placing customer interests at the top of the list.

                • Corporate vision

                  Win-win and mutual benefit, mutual benefit management.

                Core value

                Temperature product,
                Temperature service.

                Into Dingbang
                10 YearProfessionally provide electroplating equipment and plating mold for 10 years 12+Have advanced invention patents 20+Have a large number of automation equipment 30+Products cover more than 30 provinces and cities at home and abroad
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                Focus on the mold industryImprove mold manufacturing technology

                Company news

                Dingbang Plastic Industry talks about the ap...

                Dingbang Plastic Industry will share with you the application range of custom-made rotomolding products:1, container type rotomold...

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                Dingbang Plastic Industry Rotomolding Products
                OEM production
                One-stop service, one province in the province

                Cooperation hotline:138 5829 1467Online

                Ningbo Dingbang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

                Tel:138 5829 1467


                Add:Building 8, Yuliong Industrial Park, Xianyu Town, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province

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